While aiming at increasing access to university education in Nigeria, Paul University, propelled by the experience of its founding fathers in educational management, character development, and teaching and learning, visualizes itself as “a producer of the best all round graduates in Nigeria, and an institution whose emphasis will be on genuine service”.


In pursuance of the foregoing vision, the mission of the university is to offer access to university education to talented youth, and involve them in the discovery, generation, dissemination, and application of high quality knowledge. This will equip them with self-reliance and enlightened service to the nation and mankind in a collegial atmosphere characterized by the fear of the Lord, academic freedom and critical enquiry.


I am very much delighted to welcome you to our website, which is the gateway through which the world interacts with us. The website and its associated portals are developed on the trending dynamic and innovative Information & Communications Technologies (ICT) base.

Through the website and its portals visitors and all stakeholders readily interact and get deeper knowledge of Paul University,  which is the brain-child of the Bishops of the five Ecclesiastical Provinces (currently comprising 55 Dioceses) of the Anglican Communion, east of the Niger, whose vision to establish a novel University became a reality on November 3, 2009, when the National University Commission (NUC) granted the University the license to operate.

Currently,  the University operates from its take-off site at the premises of former St. Paul’s College, Awka, founded by the Church Missionary Society (CMS), an evangelical arm of the Church of England (Anglican), in 1904 as a college for the training of Church workers and teachers of various categories. The campus is thus a hallowed ground, providing an ideal academic environment where students and staff, under Christian discipline and administrative guidance, are maximally focused in their academic pursuits with little distraction. The permanent site of the University is at Oji River, on the Awka-Enugu expressway, and plans are under way for its development.

The goalof the University is grounded in the records of excellence posted by our forebearers, the Anglican Church, in pioneering primary and secondary education in Nigeria, and in inculcating sound morals along with impeccable intellectual preparation of students. Anglican schools in the past, with a structured supervisory system, laid great emphasis on the total man – his intellectual, physical, social and spiritual development, and on his discipline and the fear of God, which is indeed, the beginning of all wisdom.

Being anchored on our motto, which says,“Here am I send me”, our products are grounded in both academic and spiritual values, which make them contributors to positive change and development wherever they are found after graduation.

Currently Paul University offers twenty-six programmes of study in three faculties, namely, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Management and Social Sciences, and Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences and the Institute of Theology. We are hopeful that more programmes of the University will be accredited by the National University Commission (NUC) after its recent visit. Our curriculum lays emphasis on academic achievements, and acquisition of practical and entrepreneurial skills, which enhances the versatility of our students in the world of work and job creation. And very importantly, these programmes are affordable. Our staff are diligent, experienced and highly disciplined.

We are currently undergoing massive re-branding programmes as enunciated by the Governing Council of the University. These programmes are designed in making the University the University of first choice in Nigeria and beyond.

We emphasize the fear of God, sound academic development, excellent character development, hard-work, diligence and entrepreneurship

While wishing you very happy interaction with the website and its portals, I commend you all to the unflinching love of the Almighty God and the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ, in Whom all things subsist.

Prof. Ugochukwu C. Nzewi
Ag. Vice Chancellor

University Spotlights

Presentation of accreditation report

Presentation of accreditation report to the VC by the leader of the team. Prof Ndolo

Prof. Ike Ndolo in a TV interview

Leader of Mass Comm. Accreditation team, Prof. Ike Ndolo in a TV interview in PUA recording studio.

PUA TV live studio

Mass Comm. Accreditation team in PUA TV live studio
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This is to inform the general public that the 2019/2020 Undergraduates & 24th Postulants Matriculation Ceremony comes up on Friday 13th March 2020.

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