Second Semester Time-Table of Events, 2015/2016


Second Semester Time-Table of Events, 2015/2016



Sat. 9th April                       -       Old students return to University

Mon. – Fri. 11th – 15th April   -       First Year students 1st Semester Exams

-       Lectures resume for other students

Tue. 12th April                    -       64th (Emergency) Meeting of Senate

Thur.14th April                    -       18th Meeting of the Governing Council

Thur. 21st April                   -       65th Meeting of Senate



Wed. 18th May                    -       93rd Meeting of Management Committee

Tue. 24th May                     -       66th Meeting of Senate



Mon. – Sat. 6th – 11th June   -       Students’ Week

Tue. 21st June                   -       Senate Meeting

Mon. 27th June                   -       Enlarged Management Meeting



Sat. 9th July                        -       End of Lectures

Mon. 11th July                    -       Management Meeting

Thur. 14th July                    -       Senate Meeting

Mon. 18th July                    -       Enlarged Management Meeting

Thur. 21st/28th July              -       Governing Council Meeting

Mon. – Fri. 11th – 15th July   -       Revisions


Second Semester Examinations

Mon. 25th  July                    -       Examinations begin

Fri. 5th Aug.                       -       Examinations end

Sat. 6th Aug.                     -       Students Vacate and leave the premises