Management and Entrepreneurial Studies

Our Mission and Vision

This Department, in pursuance of the CHARGE given by the founding fathers, has formulated the terms of our mission and vision to produce well grounded graduates, with outstanding professionalism. The terms are to produce:-

  1. Graduates who will courageously stroll through untrodden paths, to create for themselves and for others new business opportunities in all the sectors of our national economy (primary, secondary and tertiary);
  2. Graduates who will blend into teams of like minds to achieve Lofty ideals, cloaked with a morality without reproach;
  3. Graduates who will uphold the noble tenets of accountability, Probity and transparency in all their dealings;
  4. Graduates whose business acumen will be backed by sound scientific appraisal of the economic environment;
  5. Graduates who will prove their mettle when employed by Businesses;
  6. Graduates acting as bona fide Entrepreneurs will create gainful Employment for the nation's ever increasing young active population. 


Dr. S.I Iwuora
B.Sc (Agric.Engr. gx) PHD (Agric Econ.). Gemgloux-Belgique
Head of Department