History & International Relations

Our Mission and Vision

The Department offers a four-year programme leading to the award of B.A (Honours) Degree in History and international Relations; and a three-year B.A (Honours) Degree for students admitted through the direct entry programme.

The programme is designed to:
1. Give the students a firm and broad grounding in History and International Relations in the best tradition of the discipline;
2. Acquaint the students with the past and current events which impact significantly on humanity;
3. Equip the students for careers in education (teaching and research), public administration, external affairs, customs, immigration, police and prison services, public relations, library, archival and museum services;
4. Create awareness in the students of past and present local and global problems with a view to projection in the future;
5. Instill in the students a critical and broad mind such that will enable them to appreciate the various dimension of any given issue.

Miss Oluchukwu Orizu

Ag. Head of Department