Vision Statement:

To establish a centre for intellectual, moral and spiritual excellence, for the upliftment of values, harmony and interpersonal and global relationships. These relationships are based on the convergence of ideas, attitudes and conversations informed by proper knowledge. This is propelled by the notion that a sound education in the religions, philosophy and value systems of a people is paramount for sustainable social and economic advancement of people.


In pursuance of this vision, the Department aims at producing “wholesome individuals and groups” who, in tune with the Divine, are prepared to work out the implications of this in relationship with the Almighty and humanity. The Department will endeavour to expose people to the fundamental principles that enhance personal character and discipline, and which help them reflect sound religious and philosophical bases for proper and affective life in the society. To achieve this, the Department aims at improving and broadening the perspective of the youth by enabling them appreciate the intellectual, philosophical, religious and cultural patterns of our people. They are, thus, better equipped for life for life of dialogue, hard work, tolerance and peaceful co-existence in our pluralistic society.


Dr. Emma Izuegbunam
Head of Department