Computer Science


The mission of the Department of Computer Science is to produce graduates with the required theoretical and algorithmic skills required in industry to develop software in wide variety of areas from system level to specific application area ranging from general business application to specific high-tech areas. The programme of the department also ensures that the students develop sufficient theoretical and practical abilities to pursue research in Computer Science and related areas.

1. To implement a Computer Science curriculum that is up to international standards.
2. To achieve and maintain the highest academic standards among staff and students by and emphasis on continuous capacity building.
3. To produce skilled and competent manpower capable of independent thinking and creativity
4. To promote the use of teaching and learning techniques that makes students active participants in the learning process.
5. To inculcate in the students a voracious reading culture and the zeal to reach new frontiers of knowledge and practice.
6. To facilitate the acquisition of the necessary infrastructure and facilities in the Department for effective teaching and research.

Prof. Paul Nosike
Head of Department