Pure Mathematics

All of life is mostly about the science of life; about the wonder in the science of life is in the couplings; the art in the basics of that coupling our ancestors must have called “Mathematics” in different languages. We have since designated some subnames- ‘integration,’ ‘summation,’ ‘evaluation,’ differentiation, ‘sampling,’ ‘logic,’ etc.
The undergraduate programme which we present as mathematics are the current tools for addressing real life couplings – changes in position (translation, s), rate of change of translation (speed =ds /dt = v) rate of change of speed (acceleration = dv/dt =g), etc. Recall how our maker at the beginning designed acceleration due to gravity to control all of our perambulations of kilometers above the earth.
Population distribution, rate (again) of growth, labour absorptive capacity, demography and biostatistics, we never overlook. Our current dependence on information Technology must constitute the many dimensional fulcrum (origin) of a current mathematician; the department is very much aware. Our products cannot afford not to be IT leaders. We can surely see; we can see a vision: In the not too distant future, any scientist worth more than a glance, must first possess a mathematical mind and training so that he/she can surely understand what he/she come across. This must be before the world would ask “what is it really?”
The Department offers:
i. A B.Sc Hons Mathematics
ii. A B.Sc Hons degree in Mathematics with Computer Science