History and International Relations handbook

Academic activities commenced in the Department of History and International Relations in 2009 following the official opening of  Paul University in the same year. In the light of the tremendous upheavals in the global environment and dramatic changes in world affairs that have taken place over the years, History and International Relations has become a very exciting and challenging field of study.

This is largely because of the growing need to understand the prevailing issues and trends in the International system in a world that has become highly globalised and interdependent.  The Department of History and International Relations in Paul University, is aware of these developments and mindful of the changing patterns and evolution of new trajectories in international politics.  It is within this context and reflecting new waves in historical scholarship that the Department operates and incorporates these changing needs in its curriculum. The department started with six academic staff and 8 Students. Since then, there has been rapid expansion in the number of Academic staff and students. Currently, the department has 9 Academic staff, specialising in various fields of historical research and three Non-teaching staff. Presently, the Department runs only programmes at the undergraduate level.

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