Paul University, Awka has relaxed the Dress Code of Faculty Colours, starting from the 2017/2018 Session. From now on, all students must dress corporate during Official hours and in lecture arears. No student should go to the Administrative building without being appropriately dressed.

This comprises the following:


i)          Shirts (preferably long sleeves) and trousers (not jeans) with a matching tie;

ii)         A suit or jacket on a shirt; Senators/French suits are allowed.

Banned as official dressing are:

Shorts, boxers, jeans, sagging/drooping trousers,t-shirts, singlets and slippers of all types.

In addition, boys should be clean-shaven and with low-cut virgin hair.


i)          official gowns up to the knee; gowns with blazer;

ii)         Skirts with shirts/blouses, or camisole with blazer and scarf;

iii)        Blazers and camisole with shirts or skirt suits;

iv)        The Shoe must be cover-shoes or buckled scandals, but not slippers or sneakers;

v)         Females are not allowed to wear trousers, tights, shorts, sleeveless T-shirts;

vi)        Tops should not be revealing;

vii)       Gowns and skirts should be knee-level or below it.


The Faculty Colours are retained for special functions as may be determined by Management, including Wednesday mid-week service which remains compulsory for all students and staff of Paul University.