Broadly, resources in the Library are organized or arranged in consonance with the Library of Congress Classification Scheme (LC) which classified/organized knowledge into twenty (20) main classes using letters of the alphabet (A-Z) to denote the main classes. The Library resources consist of text books, reference books, serial publications/periodicals (journals, magazines, newspapers etc.), electronic resources, special collections, and undergraduate long essays.

Text Books
The text books in the library are arranged in two broad subject areas Vis: Arts, Management and Social Sciences (Classes A to P); Science and Technology (Classes Q to Z). The Arts, Management Sciences and Social Sciences textbooks are arranged/ organized on the largest reading hall on the ground floor; while textbooks on Science and Technology are arranged/ organized in the Science and Technology Reading Hall on the 1st floor.  A catalogue to guide the users to the library collections is available on the ground floor.

Reference Books
Reference Books on all the subjects – Arts, Management Sciences, Social Sciences, Science and Technology are housed in the Reference Section of the Library located on the ground floor. The materials are arranged from class A through Z and are not for loan. Reference materials are usually marked with a location symbol (Ref.) which stands for ‘Reference’.

Serial Publications/Periodicals
The Serial Publications/Periodicals – journals, magazines, newspapers etc are housed in the Serial Section of the Library located at the first floor. The arrangement of these materials is also done in line with the Library of Congress Classification Scheme. The current periodicals are displayed on the Display Rack to let users know of their availability in the library. A catalogue to guide the users is also available in the Serials Section.

Special Collections
Special Publications which include Nigerian Government Publications, United Nations Publications, publications of organizations and parastatals, Synod Reports and Bishops’ Charges are arranged on the last shelve in the Reference Section. These publications are for academic and research staff. The materials are made available to users on request.

Undergraduate Long Essays
Students’ projects are arranged together with special collections and are made available to users for consultation on request. These materials are consulted within the reading area available under the surveillance of the staff in charge of the collections.

Electronic resources (e-resources) are housed in the e-library section on the first floor.
The University e-library section provides access to e-books and e-journals for research and acquisition of Knowledge. This e-library facilitates the provision of information resources through the internet. It is a research oriented resource that enhances learning, teaching and research.

The University Library through its internet network has been given access by the National Universities Commission to use the electronic resources available in the Nigerian Virtual Library. The University Library also has access to Sage Publication database and is making effort to get access to the following library database: