Our Mission and Vision
As the world is getting increasingly materialistic, a situation that has led to people being amoral in their economic pursuits, there has become the need for our educational institutions to pay more attention to character building. In the light of this and in keeping with the vision and mission of the Founding Fathers of Paul University, the Department of Economics is set to produce graduates associated with the following attribution:
1. Possession of articulate and sound mind that is needed in the almost unpredictable world economic environment.
2. Possession of competency that will enable them to contribute immensely in the growth and development of any organization where they take up employment thereby helping that organization to attain the status of “employer of choice”
3. Possession of innovative spirit that will make them organization builders, and where they are unable to find a ready made job on graduation, will be able to create one thereby becoming employers of labour.
It is our mission to produce economists who will easily apply their knowledge successfully to solve any economic problems that may confront them both in the place of work and in their domestic environment.
Our motto is “Performance and not excuses” and so it is our desire to produce graduates who will be very much committed to effective discharge of their functions.

Mrs. Ebele Eleanya
Ag. Head of Department