In consonance with the mission of the University, the Department of Biological Sciences offers students a programme of study that trains them to seek excellence in learning through the knowledge of living organisms and their inter-relationships.

The department emphasizes of cellular and molecular mechanism that govern living systems; thus providing deeper appreciation of the unity of life, from viruses to humans.

Student would be able to gain full understanding of the life forms in the Nigerian ecosystem from the cellular and molecular to the whole organism and population levels.

The vision of the department is to advance our national development through the biological knowledge that provides for a better understanding of human life and communities, improves our nutrition and health, and maintains our indigenous culture by conserving the biodiversity of our natural and human resources.

With a training of excellence in learning and meritorious work, the graduates can fruitfully be engaged in a wide variety of careers of their own choice, including, bur not restricted to
• Academic and research careers in universities and higher institutions.
• Secondary level teaching
• Agricultural and fisheries sectors; fish farming.
• Aid agencies, as advisers and technical experts and as inspectors and managers.
• Writing and publishing of environmental magazines and educational literature.
• Film making and careers in the media
• Second level teaching.
• Tourism, environmental consultancy and wildlife conservation and management.

HOD, Biological Sciences